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Province of New Brunswick

How to submit bids for Province of New Brunswick tenders.

Subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Province of New Brunswick.  

Here's how you receive and complete your tender forms for New Brunswick tenders: 

  • Internet 

As tenders are issued by the provincial government and other purchasing organizations, you automatically receive all the standard forms tenders by E-mail. You may elect to browse through them on your computer to decide which ones you want to complete, and then print the ones you wish to have in hard copy. Each tender will be on a separate form, which is an official tender document. You will notice that your name will already appear on the form as the bidding company, and the "bid activation number" will be included. All you have to do is complete your bid, sign the form, and submit it to the purchaser's office before the closing date. 
In the case of tenders that require additional documents, you will only receive notification of the tender. You will be told in each case what the tender is about, and how much it will cost to order the package. The package will include the tender form with your name and "bid activation number" completed, as well as all attachments. You can request that the package be sent by courier, or be held for pick-up at the BIDS offices in Fredericton. Cost for the package will be deducted from your deposit. 

Addenda to any tenders will be automatically sent to you by E-mail. This may be as an addendum notice or it may be a re-issue of the original tender. As an Internet subscriber, you also have the ability to electronically access the entire data bank of outstanding tenders. Should you find a tender you wish to complete, you can select the "I wish to order this tender" option, and the tender ordering screen will appear. When you complete the information requested on the screen, we will receive your request by E-mail, and will in turn send you the requested tender document by E-mail. It will be, again, complete with your name and address, and the "bid activation number." This same form can be used to order "additional tender documents" where they are required as part of the tender.

  • Non-subscribers 

Non-subscribers will be able to order tenders, one at a time, for a "One-Time Order" charge of $10. plus the cost of duplication of the tender and shipping. Payment will have to be received by BIDS before the tender can be delivered.