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Province of British Columbia

Province of British Columbia
General Terms and Conditions (Jan 1, 2002)

 1.Late submissions of quotations will not be accepted or considered. It is the responsibility of the potential supplier to ensure that the quotation arrives prior to the date and time and at the place indicated in this ITQ.

 2.If a potential supplier discovers that it has made an error in its quotation, the supplier may forward a correction notice to the Province at this office, but it must be received prior to the closing date and time for the ITQ.

 3.When quotations have been received and an award made, the successful supplier will be held to its quotation as of the closing of the ITQ irrespective of subsequent representation that mistakes have been made in the quotation originally submitted.

 4.Notwithstanding paragraph 3 above, if it appears that an error has been made in a quotation, the Province may, in its sole discretion, before awarding an order, communicate with the potential supplier to ascertain if it will supply at the quoted price or withdraw the quotation. If the potential supplier is permitted to withdraw its quotation, the potential supplier will not be considered on this ITQ.

 5.The Province reserves the right to award this order in part or in full, on the basis of quotations received unless the potential supplier specifies that its quotation is valid only for the complete order.

 6.Lowest or any quotation will not necessarily be accepted.

 7.Potential suppliers must refer to the ITQ number in all correspondence.

 8.Potential suppliers must comply with all applicable laws.

 9.The Province may consider and evaluate any quotation/bid from another jurisdiction on the same basis that the government purchasing authorities in those jurisdictions would treat a similar quotation from a British Columbia supplier.

 10.Potential suppliers are solely responsible for their own expenses, if any, in preparing an ITQ and subsequent negotiation with the Province, if any.

 11.All inquiries related to this ITQ are to be directed to the Province, at the Purchasing Commission as noted on the ITQ. Information obtained from any other source is not official and may be inaccurate. Do not contact the Ministry/Agency involved. Inquiries and responses may be distributed to all potential suppliers at the Provinces' option.

 12.All documents submitted to the Province are subject to the disclosure provisions of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PROTECTION OF PRIVACY ACT. The Province will routinely release the name of the successful supplier, and total Purchase Order value. For further information about Freedom of Information please contact (250) 387-7300.

 13.The Province will not be obligated in any manner to any potential supplier whatsoever until a Purchase Order has been issued by the Province respecting a quote.

 14.The working language of the British Columbia Government is English and all quotations must be submitted in English.