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Subscriber Information

Pricing and Payment Information

Subscribing to BIDS is quick and easy. Once you send your completed registration form to BIDS, within 24 hours you will automatically begin receiving all tenders related to your business.

Subscription rates allow for the selection of three categories from broad BIDS category listing and three categories from the oil and gas industry category listing.  If more than three categories are required, there is an additional $25/category charge.  
BIDS Alert™ Email………........... $285.00
Self-search Registration ……....... $125.00
Please Note!
A $30.00 minimum deposit account will be used for delivery of special forms.  As this is depleted, we will send you a statement to replenish your deposit account.
How to Register:
Register now by clicking here and downloading the Registration Form.
(The registration form is in PDF format and PDF’s are read with Adobe, available free from Adobe by clicking here)
Call us at 1-800-397-0393 and ask to receive a registration form by fax or mail.
Payments should be the basic subscription rate plus any additional categories, applicable taxes, and the $30.00 forms deposit, which is exclusive of taxes. Make all cheques payable to BIDS. If you are using a credit card for payment, please call us with your credit card information at 1-800-397-0393 .
Please return completed registration forms and payment to the nearest BIDS office.
BIDS is published by Tendering Publications Limited, to provide information on government tenders. All contents are copyright, and except as provided under the terms of a subscription, may not be reproduced without written permission. The information contained in BIDS is obtained from the most reliable sources, but the publishers assume no liability for damages arising out of errors or omissions