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Subscriber Information

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I become a BIDS subscriber?
Becoming a BIDS subscriber allows you to have business opportunities delivered to your doorstep without having to search for opportunities or worry that you missed opportunities.
Even if you are not interested in bidding on tenders, becoming a subscriber and having the ability to view opportunities, gives you the advantage of being aware of what is happening in your industry.  You will be able to view what types of opportunities are becoming available in your industry, who your competitors are, and who’s being awarded contracts and for what amounts (awards and amounts are available when provided by the buying agency).  
2. What kinds of opportunities are available from BIDS?
Opportunities are available from the oil and gas industry, health care, educational institutions, private corporations, municipalities, public corporations and the majority of provincial governments.  You select the categories from our list of goods and services that are most related to your business and we will send you the related tenders.
3. How can I find out what type of products and services are in each category so that I know which categories are of interest to me?
Once you have a rough idea of the categories you may be interested in, you can email those categories to or fax us at 506-457-7113, and we will fax you a detailed list of what is in those specific categories. Please provide us with your fax number.
4. I’m afraid I will miss out on opportunities and I don’t have time to search for new tenders. Do I have to search your site everyday to view new opportunities?

No, you do not have to do daily searches. With our BIDS Alert Service, you tell us your categories of interest and we will automatically send you all the opportunities related to those categories. You no longer have to search for opportunities nor worry about missed opportunities.
5. We are only interested in receiving opportunities for the province in which we are located and/or for specific agencies. Can we stop receiving tender opportunities from other areas?
Yes, with our exclusion option, you can stop receiving tender information from specific geographic areas and/or agencies. Just let us know which areas you want to receive opportunities from and we will only send you tenders for that corresponding geographic area or agency.  Of course as a BIDS subscriber, all tenders from all areas are still always available to you.
6. After I order a set of tender documents, how will I find out if there are any changes or addenda to the documents I have ordered?
When you purchase a document set from BIDS (addenda are included with your bid document set) you will be asked for both a phone number and a fax number. This information is recorded so we can advise you of any changes to the documents you ordered. Unlike other services, BIDS does NOT charge extra (for addenda up to 6 pages) for this service.
7. Can I change my categories or even my subscription type after my subscription has started?
Yes, your categories and/or subscription type can be changed at any time.  All you need to do is call, fax, or email us any changes you would like and your request will be processed within 24 hours.  However, if you require more categories beyond 3 you will be charged $25 for each extra category. 
8. How can I learn about the terms and conditions of bidding?
Terms and conditions are relatively similar however each individual tender may have it’s own specific terms and conditions. Click here to view the terms and conditions for each specific agency and various trade agreements.