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Franchise Information

Bids is currently not developing Franchises in Canada

The BIDS Business Model
BIDS derives its revenue through subscriber fees. The service to buyers is generally provided at no cost. All of the information processing and distribution is done by the head office computer system.
BIDS is able to adapt to the needs of specific buyers. Buyers may specify that tenders be sent to individual vendors, regardless of their status as BIDS subscribers.
Benefits of the BIDS Business Model:

  • The market likes the "pro-active" tender distribution service.
  • BIDS has an established base of buyers, providing a rich database of daily tendering opportunities.
  • BIDS has an established base of vendors, providing an active bidding environment for buyers.
  • BIDS offers solutions that are tailored to the needs of the individual buying organization.
  • BIDS has myriad opportunities for sector specialization. Those already in the system include: provincial governments, municipalities, petrochemical industry, educational institutions and hospitals.