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Kiewit Kvaerner Contractors Closed EOI Details

Reference Number: SC930
Close Date: 2013-07-08
Issue Date: 2013-06-25

Tender Information

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HEBRON GBS Project - Bull Arm
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Issue Date: 24-Jun-2013
Closing Date: 08-Jul-2013

PACKAGE NUMBER: SC930 TITLE: Thermal Insulation for Crude Oil Caissons and Lines
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) hereby invites interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) related to the future issuance of Requests for Qualifications and subsequent Requests for Tender for the following Scope of Work/Supply/Services package in connection with KKC’s EPC services for the Hebron GBS Project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
The Hebron GBS lower part comprises seven crude oil storage cells that surround a single central shaft. Each cell has a crude oil filling caisson (28”) and an outlet (pump) caisson (46”), each with a line (16” or 20”) running to the respective storage cell. Crude oil lines and caisson material is Grade 2 titanium and are located inside the central shaft.
The crude oil caissons and lines inside the shaft require thermal insulation to reduce heat loss. All crude lines inside the shaft to/from caissons are fully submerged in sea water and are to be insulated. No insulation is required for piping inside the crude oil storage cells. Caissons are partially submerged in sea water inside the shaft. Caissons are to be insulated from caisson bottom to five meters above the highest expected crude level, meaning that the insulation will extend above the water line into the atmospheric zone. The uppermost portions of the caissons in the atmospheric zone will not be insulated. The insulated length of each caisson will be approximately 30m, and for each line approximately 40m.
a)Design life of 50 years
b)Be suitable for service in: i) submerged in seawater to a depth of approximately 25 meters with cathodic protection, ii) in the splash zone, and iii) in a marine atmosphere.
c)Thermal Requirements: The thermal requirements are being refined with the system designer and will be stated in the specification to be issued for bidding.
d)Design temperature range: -22C to +70C.
Products will be evaluated based on the required thickness to achieve thermal performance, suitability for the service conditions, and practicality of installation.
The insulation materials may be any material type proposed by the supplier to meet the functional and installation requirements of the project specification. Acceptable insulation materials shall be proven subsea type insulation products. These include polyurethanes (solid, syntactic, glass syntactic, foam), epoxies (syntactic), rubbers (polychloroprene), silicones, styrenic materials, and polypropylenes (solid, foam, syntactic). Product forms could be poured-in-place, pre-formed half shells, etc.
The insulation type shall be subject to technical evaluation during the ITT process. Specific testing and qualification requirements that shall apply in the event of placement of a purchase order shall be determined during the bid evaluation process based on the type of insulation material proposed.
Supply Strategy
The supply and application of insulation may be accomplished under several different scenarios, which may include free issue of fabricated caissons and piping to the supplier/manufacturer/applicator for insulating; supply of insulation materials and application services as a sub-subcontractor to KKC’s pipe fabricator; or other.
If additional project information is required, please visit the Hebron Project website at or the KKC website at
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors is committed to providing full and fair opportunities to commercially competitive Canadian companies with first consideration given to those from Newfoundland and Labrador. At the Pre-Qualification and ITT stages, companies will be required to complete Canada/Newfoundland & Labrador Benefits questionnaires to acknowledge their willingness to comply with the Hebron Benefits Agreement.
KKC is an equal opportunity employer and as such supports diversity in the workplace. Successful suppliers and subcontractors to KKC will be required to undertake a commitment to support diversity in execution of work on the Hebron Project.
A copy of the Hebron benefits agreement can be found on the KKC and Hebron Project websites.
Applicant(s) must clearly identify the procurement package code assigned to this EOI in their responses. Applicants’ EOI submissions must provide the complete company name and address and the names, titles and telephone numbers of two contact persons.
It is important to note that the EOI phase will be used to identify candidates that may be invited to participate in the prequalification process. Participation in this EOI process, including any statements or representations, whether oral or written between KKC and interested applicants, shall not create or be deemed to create, any binding legal relationship or contract.

To ensure all potential supply communities are informed of upcoming opportunities KKC will be posting all EOI’s on and There is no formal document required to submit an EOI to KKC however in all email submissions we ask that the title of the email follow the below naming convention.
All information, correspondence and submittals must be in English and the subject line of the email must be formatted as follows: EOI Submission - Package Number - Package Title
Please send EOIs via email to the following address:
If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact:

Vitalina Razenkova
Subcontract Specialist
A Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. / Kvaerner Partnership
Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 6100 Insulation

2 1 N/A 9000 Contracting

3 1 N/A 5100 Pipe - General