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Kiewit Kvaerner Contractors Closed EOI Details

Reference Number: EOI - SM745A
Close Date: 2015-01-23
Issue Date: 2015-01-09

Tender Information

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HEBRON GBS Project - Bull Arm
BIDS Categories: 2300, 2800, 9000, 9100, 9336
Issue Date: 09-Jan-2015
Closing Date: 23-Jan-2015

PACKAGE NUMBER: SM745A TITLE: Mating Barge Grillage – Fabrication and Installation
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) hereby invites interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) related to the future issuance of Requests for Qualifications and subsequent Requests for Tender for the following Scope of Work/Supply/Services package in connection with KKC’s EPC services for the Hebron GBS Project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
As part of the Topsides Mating operation for the Hebron GBS Project, KKC will utilize two mating barges outfitted with large grillage structures to lift-off, transport and transfer the Topsides from the integration finger pier to the GBS at the deep water construction site at Bull Arm, Newfoundland, Canada.
KKC will take on-hire and arrange for the delivery of two mating barges to the successful sub-contractor’s installation yard. Delivery of the mating barges to the installation yard will follow completion of pre-fabrication of grillage structures.
The point of origin for mating barges is unconfirmed at this stage however mating barges may originate from the Far East, Europe or Gulf of Mexico.
The scope of work consists of pre-fabrication and installation of large grillage structures onto two mating barges.
Sub-contractor will be responsible for project management, engineering and quality management, quality control, production of shop drawings, procurement of materials, pre-fabrication of structures, installation, fit-up and weld out of structures onto mating barges. Sub-contractor shall be capable of receiving, handling, berthing and caring for the mating barges. As well, sub-contractor shall liaise and coordinate with barge charterer, barge owner, class society representatives, marine warranty surveyors and other project personnel as necessary during execution of the work. All worked performed shall be in accordance with project specifications and drawings. Subcontractor will be required to provide all necessary facilities, equipment, labor, materials, consumables, tools, etc. to execute and successfully perform this scope of work.
The total steel tonnage for this package is approx. 2,400 t and includes plate thicknesses up to 70 mm.
The nominal height of grillage structures above the main deck on each mating barge is up to approx. 9 m.
The approximate dimensions for mating barges are up to 152m X 38m X 9.15m.
As part of execution certainty, grillage and outfitting structures shall be pre-fabricated in advance of mating barge arrival and stored near the installation quay(s).
Potential sub-contractors shall be prepared to demonstrate that:
- All engineering, shop drawings, procurement of materials, pre-fabrication of structures can be completed within 8 months period, commencing late summer / early autumn 2015.

- All load-out, installation, fit-up, weld out and commissioning of all pre-fabricated and tie-in structures onto the two mating barges can be completed within a 4 week period commencing early / mid-summer 2016.
The following will be evaluated during assessment of potential sub-contractors:
- Experience, Quality and Safety (records and performance)
- Management Team, Key Resources
- Financial Capability / Stability
- Resource Plan (qualifications and licenses)
- Production Capacity
- Current Commitments
- Forecast Workload
- Sub-contracting and Procurement Plans (including any proposed joint ventures or partnerships)
- Schedule (pre-fab & installation)
- Class approved weld procedures (DNV or equivalent) and weld records
- Lifting / Movement / Load-out / Installation Methods & Capabilities
- Quay Space / Storage
- Confirmation of Ice Free Port

Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 2300 Steel

2 1 N/A 2800 Fabrication

3 1 N/A 9000 Contracting

4 1 N/A 9336 Marine Outfitting Equipment

5 1 N/A 9100 Engineering Consultants & Support