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Kiewit Kvaerner Contractors Closed EOI Details

Reference Number: BN671
Close Date: 2011-10-05
Issue Date: 2011-09-28

Tender Information

Contact: (0)-

Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) is inviting submissions of an Expression of Interest for a potential opportunity for ANCHOR BOLTS FOR EMBEDMENT PLATES for the Hebron Project.

The Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to:


The Supply shall be in accordance with the documents include in this announcement and their referenced codes and standards:


(Norsok Standards are free to download from internet:

EN 10228-1 Non-destructive testing of forgings-Part 1: Magnetic particle inspections.
EN 10204 Metallic products-Types of inspection documents


Forged bolts shall be manufactured in accordance with:

NORSOK M-630, MDS C21, ASTM A694 F52

All items shall e grit lasted and shop primed with a weldable primer.


All bolts shall be supplied in accordance with this technical specification and the referred standards.


Bolt length tolerances +/- 3mm, diameter +/- 3mm


In accordance with EN 10 204 - 3.1


Non-destructive testing shall be in accordance with NORSOK MDS C21.

All forged bolts shall e 100% visually inspected.

Minimum 20% of the bolts of each size shall be 100% MT (Magnetic Particle Tested) to EN 10228-1 Quality Class 2.
Weld repair is not accepted.

Mechanical testing shall be preformed according to ASTM A370.
40mm diameter bolts shall be tested with longitude tensile and impact samples, plus transverse impact testing from the head.
Bolts with diameter < 40mm shall be tested in the same manner. However, transverse testing is not required.
Full testing, as described above
per heat of raw material
per dimension of product
per start of shift
Note Max production weight for each test shall be 2000 kg.
The first bolt in each diameter, at each shift shall be marked for mechanical testing. If required in order to cover both the impact and tensile tests, two or more bolts will be marked for mechanical testing.
If additional project information is required, please visit the Hebron Project website at or KKC website at
KKC in its sole discretion reserves the right to make the final determination of which applicants will receive an Invitation to Tender (ITT), which applicant(s) or combinations thereof will be awarded the final contract(s), or alternatively to not proceed with the ITT process.

The Bull Arm Fabrication site will be operating on a special project labour agreement. A Project description is available on the Hebron Project website (

Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors strongly supports providing opportunities to commercially competitive Canadian companies and in particular those from Newfoundland and Labrador. At the Pre-Qualification stage companies will be required to complete a brief Canada/Newfoundland & Labrador Benefits questionnaire and will be asked to acknowledge their willingness to comply with the Benefits requirements. At the Invitation to Tender (ITT) stage a comprehensive Benefits Questionnaire will be required to be completed.

KKC is an equal opportunity employer and as such supports diversity in the workplace. Successful suppliers and subcontractors to KKC will be required to undertake a commitment to support diversity in execution of work on the Hebron Project. KKC encourages the participation of members of designated groups, and corporations or cooperatives owned by them, in the supply of goods and services.

It is important to note that this initial phase will be a prequalification process to identify candidates that will be invited to submit tenders. Participation in this qualification process, including any statements or representations, whether oral or written between KKC and interested candidates, shall not create or be deemed to create any binding legal relationship or contract.

Submission Requirements
Potential contenders are strongly encouraged to register with

Registration with is, however, not a prerequisite for being considered for inclusion in our supplier database. If potential suppliers chose not to register with, they are requested to advise KKC that they will not be registering and to request direct registration in KKC’s supplier database. Basic information about the supplier should be delivered electronically.

BIDS Newfoundland and Labrador
Phone: (709) 738 6500 or 1-800-397-0393; Fax: (709) 738 7015; e-mail:; Website:

Company name; parent company name, if applicable; office location and mailing address; contact person; office, cell, and fax number; and email address shall be sent to the following email address:

All information, correspondence and submittals must be in English.

Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 5410 Bolts & Washers