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Kiewit Kvaerner Contractors Closed EOI Details

Reference Number: BM701
Close Date: 2013-10-14
Issue Date: 2013-09-27

Tender Information

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BIDS Categories: 233, 236, 4115 & 4214
Issue Date: 27-September-2013
Closing Date: 14 – October - 2013

PACKAGE NUMBER: BM701 TITLE: Supply of Hydro Plugs
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) hereby invites interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) related to the future issuance of Requests for Qualifications and subsequent Requests for Tender for the following Scope of Work/Supply/Services package in connection with KKC’s EPC services for the Hebron GBS Project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
The Scope of Work includes:
During construction at the deep water site (DWS), all non-operational piping inlets and outlets shall be provided with external blind flanges and internal hydraulically actuated pipe plugs – hydro plugs - to ensure there are two barriers to sea. At the dry dock site (DDS), multiple piping systems, including J-Tubes and Risers, will be fitted with external blind flanges and hydro tested. Hydro plugs will be installed following hydro testing but prior to tow out to the deep water site. When the GBS (which is built to elevation +27m in the dry dock) is floated out to the DWS, construction will continue up to elevation +71m.
When the GBS reaches elevation +71m, the external waterline will be at +62m. This means there will be a period where a number of piping systems will temporarily terminate below this elevation inside the GBS shaft. This presents a potential risk of flooding should a piping system leak or become damaged at the inlet. Therefore, hydro plugs will be required to ensure a double barrier to sea. The hydro plugs will remain in place for approximately 12+ months.

Hydro plug Criteria:
The following criteria shall be used as a guideline for hydro plug design. Hydro plugs shall:

• Have a pad eye attached to the underside of the plug with minimum 4 Tonne capacity for connecting/pulling tag line and gauging pig during hydro plug retrieval (for J-tubes and Risers only)
• Incorporate separate hydraulic activation and deactivation circuits (to ensure pressure cannot be accidentally released causing plug deactivation)
• Have a minimum differential pressure rating of 4 Bar (i.e. 6 Bar test pressure)
• Come supplied with certified pressure gauges, valves, fittings, hoses, etc. to observe pressure below plug (in the event of a leak at the primary barrier)
• Be capable of being retrieved through approximately 50m of pipe (i.e. ample supply of certified retrieval wire, hydraulic hose and lifting gear)
• Be capable of being set at dry dock site and maintained in piping systems for 12 months (or longer) until retrieved at deep water site
• Leave minimal (if any) impressions on internal pipe walls (i.e. <0.5mm)
• Be comprised of materials compatible with piping materials/specs listed below
• Be capable of being retrieved through pipe bends as listed below
In addition, vendor shall be capable of providing of a full scale mock-up test if requested.

Systems Requiring Hydro plugs:

20” Cuttings Disposal: (2 ea required)
• Titanium, Sch 60 (for Pipe); Sch 80 (for 5D Bends)
• OD: 508.0 mm
• WT: Sch 60 (20.62mm - pipe); Sch 80 (26.19mm - bends)
• Bend Radius: 5D

16” J-Tubes: (6 ea required)
• API 5L Grade X52
• OD: 406.4 mm
• WT: 17.5 mm
• Bend Radius: Varies (TBD)

24” J-Tubes: (6 ea required)
• API 5L Grade X52
• OD: 610.0 mm
• WT: 19.1 mm
• Bend Radius: Varies (TBD)

24” Risers: (2 ea required)
• API 5L Grade X60Q
• 610.0 mm
• 15.9 mm
• Bend Radius: Varies (TBD)

18” Produced Water Disposal: (1 ea required)
• Titanium, Sch. 80S
• OD: 457.0 mm
• WT: 12.7 mm
• Bend Radius: 45 DEG LR elbows

Delivery Documentation:

As part of the deliverables for this purchasing package, the following documentation will be required:

• Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
• Mock-Up Test Report/Results (written and video if test is required)
• Material Certification
• NDE Report
• Pressure Test Certification
• Pad Eye Pull Test Report/Results
• Certificates for Gauges, Hoses and Lifting Devices
• Certificate of Conformity
• Operating Instructions
• Data Book

If additional project information is required, please visit the Hebron Project website at www.hebronproject.comor the KKC website at
Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors is committed to providing full and fair opportunities to commercially competitive Canadian companies with first consideration given to those from Newfoundland and Labrador. At the Pre-Qualification and ITT stages, companies will be required to complete Canada/Newfoundland & Labrador Benefits questionnaires to acknowledge their willingness to comply with the Hebron Benefits Agreement.
KKC is an equal opportunity employer and as such supports diversity in the workplace. Successful suppliers and subcontractors to KKC will be required to undertake a commitment to support diversity in execution of work on the Hebron Project.
A copy of the Hebron benefits agreement can be found on the KKC and Hebron Project websites.
Applicant(s) must clearly identify the procurement package code assigned to this EOI in their responses. Applicants’ EOI submissions must provide the complete company name and address and the names, titles and telephone numbers of two contact persons.
It is important to note that the EOI phase will be used to identify candidates that may be invited to participate in the prequalification process. Participation in this EOI process, including any statements or representations, whether oral or written between KKC and interested applicants, shall not create or be deemed to create, any binding legal relationship or contract.
To ensure all potential supply communities are informed of upcoming opportunities KKC will be posting all EOI’s on and There is no formal document required to submit an EOI to KKC however in all email submissions we ask that the title of the email follow the below naming convention.

Please send EOIs via email to the following address:

All information, correspondence and submittals must be in English and the subject line of the email must be formatted as follows: EOI Submission - Package Number - Package Title
If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact:

Colin Howlett, Senior Buyer
Hebron GBS Project
Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 0233 Rig Skidding Equipment

2 1 N/A 0236 Power Packs - Hydraulic

3 1 N/A 4115 Pressure Vessels

4 1 N/A 4214 Tanks - Pressure