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ExxonMobil - Hebron Closed EOI Details

Reference Number: AB934
Close Date: 2011-11-08
Issue Date: 2011-11-02

Tender Information

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HEBRON GBS Project- Bull Arm:
AB934 – Equipment Rental for Bund Wall’s Slurry Wall Construction (Cement Bentonite wall).

BIDS Categories: 0800
Issue Date: October 31st, 2011
Closing Date: November 8th 2011

Kiewit-Kvaerner Contractors (KKC) is inviting Potential Slurry Wall Contractors to submit an Expression of Interest for the rental of Slurry Wall Equipment to KKC.

The rented equipment will be used and operated by KKC to build a Slurry Wall (Cement Bentonite Cut-Off wall) for the Hebron Project located in the Bull Arm site at the Head of Great Mosquito Cove, Southwest Margin of Trinity Bay, in Newfoundland & Labrador (NL), Canada (see attached map).

This scope of work includes Equipment Rental, Shipping, Training and Maintenance.


The Rental part of this scope of work shall include ALL components listed below as a system to build a Cement Bentonite Wall. The equipment shall be EQUAL to or BETTER than the specifications listed below, and in good condition. Responsive companies that would like to supply a compatible system will also be evaluated.

Equipment delivery date : February 1st, 2012.
Equipment rental period : 4 months.
Delivery location : Bull Arm Site, Head of Great Mosquito Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.

1. TR 15 Depth Vibrator

• Manufactured by Bauer

2. Drill Machine with auger drill bit (to drill thru 2’ of ice at water surface, 12” - 24” hole diam.)

• SoilTek S60 Hydraulic Piling Rigs, or,
• Davey Kent TD160

3. Mixing Plant

• Capable of batching, mixing and dispensing cement bentonite slurry at approx. rate of 60 CY/HR. Plant must be configured with a 5 CY mix tank which is fed by augers from silos. The material must be infused into the mixer via a venture. A 4x3x13 mission pump must be used to mix.

4. Excavation equipment

A. STEIN diaphragm wall grab K 810 II for wall thickness 800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm (QTY = 2 Each)

• Specifications (general):
- Length : 2.8 meter
- Width : 80 mm
- Height : 11 meters
- Prefabricated steel guide box

• Spare parts:
- Tooth type 25RC12 ESCO (QTY = 100 Each)
- Tooth Lock type 25RCPN+LKSR ESCO (QTY = 50 Each)
- Tooth Shank type 3961-25RC ESCO (QTY = 10 Each)

B. Liebherr HS 885 HD Duty, 130 TN Duty Cycle, Hydraulic Crawler Crane

• Specifications (general):
- Capacity : 132 US Tons maximum lifting capacity
- Counterweight : Upper Structure (71,700 lb. + 15,400 lb.), Undercarriage Car body (15,400 lb.)
- Boom : Foot (13’), Extension (39’), Head Section (21’), Hammer Head (6’)
- Cable/hook : 36mm cable, 33 Ton single hook, 100 Ton 1 sheave hook block
- Safety : Fold out swing radius protection, catwalks with railing, railings on roof
- Spare parts : As needed, adequate and in necessary quantities to maintain equipment in good
operating condition.

C. TARABEN Deviation Measurement system as manufactured by Jean Lutz

• Specifications:
- Crane & grab mounting system
- Real time monitoring

• Spare parts:
- As needed to maintain equipment operational for duration of work (memory card, deviation sensor)

D. Drop Chisels

• Specifications (general):
- Leffer, 30” – 9 TN Drop Chisel (QTY= 2 Each)

5. Water Storage and distribution piping equipment

• Water heating tank
- 10,000 gallon capacity
- Capable of maintaining 50F water temperature
- Diesel powered
- Self contained 40’ conex
- 2 way submersible pump
- 50HP distribution pump, 130 PSI, 300 GPM
• Water field piping:
- 6” HDPE, heat traced (1,200 LF)
- 6” Victaulic Snap Joint coupling (QTY= 50 Each)
- 6” Victaulic 300 Master Seal butterfly valves (QTY= 50 EA)
• Submersible pump and float: 4” diam., 300 GPM, controlled by float in tank.

6. Slurry storage and distribution piping equipment

A. Slurry storage tank (QTY = 1 Each)

• Specifications:
- 10,000 gallon capacity (QTY= 1 Each)
- Equipped with 100 HP, 3570 RPM Centrifugal pump, Mission Magnum 4x3x13 (manuf. by National Oilwell Varco), w/electrical motor and slurry level float to control batch plant mixer (QTY = 1 Each).
- Paddle type agitators and remote controlled Flow Valve.

B. Slurry field piping (QTY = 1,200 LF)

• Specifications:
- 6” diam. HDPE pipe, 43’ lengths, heat traced (QTY= 1,200 LF).
- 6” Victaulic snap joint coupling (QTY= 50 Each)
- 6” Victaulic 300 Master Seal butterfly valves (QTY= 50 Each)
- 6” Rubber discharge hose, 20’ long (QTY= 2 Each)
- Steel slurry discharge end hose (QTY= 2 Each)

7. Laboratory Equipment:

To monitor, measure and document the Cement Bentonite slurry at its fluid state (slurry installation) and its final solid state (low permeability barrier)

A. Portable laboratory container (see attached dwg.)
• Specifications:
- Dimensions: 8’ x 8’ x 20’
- Insulated, with lighting, Heather and Air Conditioner
- Electrical Panes 100 Amp. And receptacles
- Cabinets, sink, hot water heather, fan with air duct and access door

B. Potable sample storage container (see attached dwg.)

• Specifications:
- Dimensions: 8’ x 8’ x 20’
- Insulated, with lighting, heather and air conditioner units (thermostatically controlled)
- Cabinets and access door

C. Testing Equipment (Rental only. Equipment will be operated by KKC).

• Permeability testing equipment
• Unconfined compressive strength machine
- Type HM-3000.3F, Humboldt Digital Master Loader with data acquisition software
• Marsh funnels (measure viscosity of Cement Bentonite mixture)
- Manufactured by Fann Instruments
• Mud balances (measure unit weight of Cement Bentonite mixture)
- Manufactured by Fann Instruments
• Rheometer
- Model 280, manufactured by Fann Instruments
• API Filter Press (measure the filtrate loss and filter cake in Cement Bentonite trench)
- Manufactured by Fann Instruments
• Sand content kit (measure sand content and verify unit weight in trench of Cement bentonite Mixture)
- Manufactured by Fann Instruments
• Blain Air Permeability (test fineness of Portland cement to ensure the mix design program)
- Type H-3810
- Manufactured by Humboldt
• Slurry Trench maturity monitors (measure temperature and gradual strength of Cement Bentonite trench)
- Type Intellirock maturity monitors
- Manufactured by Engius.

Item Quantity Unit Code Description

1 1 N/A 0800 Rentals

2 1 N/A 9500 Construction

3 1 N/A 0200 Matl's & Equipment

4 1 N/A 2110 Cement