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Buyers Information

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Outsourcing - Today's Trend in Purchasing

In today's world of downsizing and belt-tightening, an attractive option for many organizations is outsourcing the bidding process.
Buyers earn their money by developing specifications, and evaluating suppliers and bids. Soliciting bids is the time consuming part of the procurement process, and it can be expensive.
BIDS™ saves you money in the following areas:

  • reduces expenditures for advertising, printing, postage, faxing, courier etc;
  • better use of purchasing staff time.
  • helps manage the tender distribution process.

BIDS lowers prices by:

  • increasing bidding activity which is the greatest area of savings and the most difficult to document.

BIDS helps you manage the tender distribution process by:

  • providing an audit trail of tender processing.
  • providing a listing of detailed vendor distribution.
  • making BIDS' library of tenders available to help buyers research, and for tender specifications.
  • providing awards and results of previous tenders for budget estimating.