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Noble Drilling Services (Canada) Corporation Bidders List
Years - 2018 2017

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2018
NRA-9477-0230-DT-02 BIDDERS LIST Supply of Heavy Lifting Gear Inspection Services 2018-01-22
Go TOPArchive Year - 2017
NRA-9477-0230-DT BIDDERS LIST Supply of Light Lifting Gear Inspection Services 2017-12-19
NRA-9625-DT BIDDERS LIST Greases and Lubricants 2017-12-19
NRA-9462-DA BIDDERS LIST Supply of Catering and Accommodation Services 2017-12-07
NRA-9402-JK BIDDERS LIST Supply of Training Services 2017-12-07
NRA-9848-DA BIDDERS LIST PPE Clothing and Safety Supplies 2017-12-07
NRA-9470-JK BIDDERS LIST Personnel Services 2017-12-07
NRA-9824-DT BIDDERS LIST Hoses and Fittings 2017-11-30
NRA-9857-DT BIDDERS LIST Lifting Equipment and Accessories 2017-11-30
NRA-9800-DA BIDDERS LIST Industrial Hardware, Tools and Consumables 2017-11-30
NRA-9846-DT BIDDERS LIST Fire and Safety Materials (non-PPE) 2017-11-30
NRA-8140-DT BIDDERS LIST Supply of Communications Equipment 2017-11-29
NRA-7600-DT BIDDERS LIST Supply of Electrical Commodities 2017-11-29
NRA-5200-DT BIDDERS LIST Supply of Valves and Fittings 2017-11-29
NRA-9302-KMS BIDDERS LIST Onshore Supply Base, Logistics/ Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage Services 2017-11-29