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Kiewit Kvaerner Contractors Bidders List
Years - 2015 2014 2013

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2015
SM745A Mating Barge Grillage - Fabrication and Installation Bidders List 2015-07-15
Go TOPArchive Year - 2014
BN682 Tubular Bearings for Mating Bidders List 2014-12-09
AB460 Tool Fleet Management Program Bidders List 2014-11-12
SC606B Preassembly of Annulus Cell Steel Formwork Bidders List 2014-09-09
SO735 Various Safety Training Services Bidders List 2014-08-04
SC940B Prefabrication of Insulated Crude Oil Pump Caissons - 28"/46" dia (Ti) - PHASE 1 - TECHNICAL PROPOSALS 2014-07-24
SC941A Prefabrication Water Pump Caissons - 38"/44"/58" dia (6Mo) - PHASE 1 - TECHNICAL PROPOSALS 2014-07-24
AB454A Shaft Hoists Bidders List 2014-07-23
BN681 BN681 - Dropped Pump Protection (DPP) Bullet Castings Bidders List 2014-07-04
SC716Q Prefabrication of Dropped Pump Protection Caisson Bases (CS subcomponents) Bidders List 2014-06-20
SC940C Supply of Diffusers (Ti) Bidders List 2014-06-04
SC606A Supply of Annulus Cell Formwork Trusses & Beams Bidders List 2014-05-05
SC935 Shotcrete Services Bidders List 2014-03-31
SC761 M Prefabrication of Carbon Steel Conductor Guide Frame Subcomponents Bidders List 2014-02-19
SM744 Transport of Solid Ballast Bidders List 2014-02-06
SC930 Thermal Insulation of Crude Oil Caissons and Lines Bidders List 2014-01-31
ER205A Strainers for Temporary FW & SW Pumps Bidders List 2014-01-21
SM841 Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV) Bidders List 2014-01-21
Go TOPArchive Year - 2013
SE801 Flotilla Barge Outfitting 2013-12-13
BM701 Supply of Hydro Plugs Bidders List 2013-12-05
SC937 Temporary Left-in-place Formwork Bidders List 2013-12-01
AB960 Supply of Emergency Generator for Power Barge Bidders List 2013-09-12
CW840 Iron Ore for Solid Ballast Bidders List 2013-09-06
CW848 Bidders List - CW848 2013-09-04
SM733 Supply of Dredging Services (Bundwall Removal) Bidders List 2013-08-09
SM742 Out of Dock Warping Winches Supply Bidders List 2013-06-17
AB958 Supply of Power Barge Electrical Equipment Bidders List 2013-05-03
IM600 Internet, Cable and Phone Services Bidders List 2013-03-26
AB752 Rough Terrain Cranes Bidders List 2013-03-25