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Hibernia Management and Development Bidders List
Years - 2018 2016 2015 2013 2012 2010

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2018
WS3460549 BIDDERS LIST - WS3460549 2018-06-01
WS3380610 Lower Completion Equipment and Services - BIDDERS LIST 2018-03-21
Go TOPArchive Year - 2016
WS3076832 Supply of Helideck Lighting Upgrade Servicing and Materials - BIDDERS LIST 2016-03-10
WS2987575 Supply of Medical Services Bidders List 2016-02-02
Go TOPArchive Year - 2015
WS2752743 Supply of Valve Management Services - BIDDERS LIST 2015-09-03
WS2870187 Supply of Oil Analysis Services BIDDERS LIST 2015-09-02
WS2857576 Catering and Accommodations Services Bidders List 2015-07-22
WS2857576 Catering and Accommodations Services - Hibernia and Hebron 2015-06-15
WS2685078 Drilling and Completion Fluid and Services Hebron Project Bidders List 2015-06-15
Go TOPArchive Year - 2013
WS2494379 Hibernia 4D Seismic Data Acquisition Bidders List 2013-12-21
WS2372675 Supply of Open Hole Gravel Pack (OHGP) & Associated Services 2013-12-02
WS # 2315419 Warehousing and Inventory management services Bidders List 2013-07-03
WS2352651 Vessel Support Services Bidders List 2013-06-11
Go TOPArchive Year - 2012
WS2292574 Bidder List WS2292574-Supply of Rig Positioning & Mooring Services 2012-11-22
WS2158522 Supply of Vessels, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador Bidders List 2012-03-21
Go TOPArchive Year - 2010
EPC1 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC1) contract for the design, fabrication, supply and installation of flowlines and control umbilicals 2010-05-17
EPC2 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC2) contract for the design, fabrication and supply of Subsea Systems 2010-05-17