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Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland SE Bidders List
Years - 2018 2017

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2018
EOI- I/0477-4/5 Bidders List - External and Internal Cutting Services 2018-08-30
EOI- I/0477-006 Bidders List - Local Soil Displacement Services 2018-08-30
I/0477 - 003 BIDDERS LIST Engineering Services 2018-02-15
EOI-I/0477-002 BIDDERS LIST Crewing Agency Services 2018-02-15
Go TOPArchive Year - 2017
EOI-I/0477-001 BIDDERS LIST Shipping Agency Services 2017-11-28
WS2898916A (R2017-080CC) Supply of Engineering and Onshore Demolition & Disposal Services (EDD) Sable Project (Offshore Facilities) 2017-08-30