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ExxonMobil - Hebron Bidders List
Years - 2018 2016 2015 2014 2013 2009

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2018
WS3457288 Bidders List -Supply of Preservation Activities and Training Services 2018-06-26
WS3357161 BIDDERS LIST 2018-03-06
Go TOPArchive Year - 2016
WS2843331 [EM CE] Boat Loading Hoses and End Fittings-Hebron Platform BIDDERS LIST 2016-09-14
WS# 2846329 Bidders list for Provision of Inspection Services 2016-07-25
WS#2846909ADD BIDDERS LIST Supply of Recovery Services for Drilling Tools and Pipe (Fishing) and Wellbore/BOP Cleanout 2016-03-02
Go TOPArchive Year - 2015
WS2941594 Bid List Posting - WS2941594 - Supply of Cuttings Re-Injection Services and Drilling Drains Services - Hebron Project 2015-12-01
WS#2946288 Supply of Liner Hanger Equipment and Services - Bidders' List 2015-10-26
WS# 2899321 Supply of Casing and Cementing Accessories - Bidders' List 2015-10-13
WS#2865427 Supply of Sand Control Screens, with and without External Shunts - Bidders List 2015-09-28
WS2857576 Catering and Accommodations Services Bidders List 2015-07-22
WS # 2846909 Supply of Recovery Services for Drilling Tools and Pipe (Fishing) Bidders List 2015-05-14
WS2677167 Completion Equipment and Associated Services Bidders List 2015-05-11
WS#2653802 Production Chemicals and Associated Services Bidders List 2015-03-13
Go TOPArchive Year - 2014
WS2703417 Freight Forwarding Bidders List 2014-11-12
WS2515016 Supply of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance Services Bidders List 2014-07-10
WS#2545261 Supply of Facility Specific Training Program Development Bidders List 2014-05-13
WS2311539 Supply of EnviroMonitoring Services Bidders Listnmental Effects 2014-03-31
Go TOPArchive Year - 2013
OfficeSpace Supply of Class A Office Space Bidders List 2013-02-15
Go TOPArchive Year - 2009
2009-10-000 Hebron Topsides FEED & EPC 2009-10-23