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Halliburton Bidders List
Years - 2017

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2017
E00020 BIDDERS LIST Forklift Rental 2017-12-19
EOI00019 BIDDERS LIST High Pressure Iron Piping 2017-11-28
EOI00017 BIDDERS LIST Perforate- Wash- Cement 2017-11-28
EOI00002 Staffing Agency Services 2017-08-29
EOI00005 Inflatable Plug Services 2017-08-29
EOI00006 Through Tubing Rentals 2017-08-29
EOI00010 Waste skips 2017-08-29
EOI00016 Flowback Equipment 2017-08-29
EOI00014 Fishing, Milling and Pipe Cutting Services 2017-08-29
EOI00001 Tubular Handling Services 2017-08-29