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ExxonMobil Canada (EMC) Bidders List
Years - 2019 2018

Tender Number Short Description Issue Date
Archive Year - 2019
006213 Bidders list - Supply of System Process Filters for Hibernia and Hebron 2019-05-15
Go TOPArchive Year - 2018
WS3499819 Bidders list - Supply of Miscellaneous Consumables, Hardware, Fasteners and Tools for the Hibernia and Hebron Platforms 2018-11-22
WS#3484891 Bidders List _ Supply of Glycol and Miscellaneous Chemicals for Hibernia, Hebron and Sable 2018-10-25
001715 BIDDERS LIST 001715 (Mooring Equipment and Services for MODU Drilling Program) 2018-10-22
WS3501431 BIDDERS LIST 4G LTE Services 2018-08-31
WS3453326 BIDDERS LIST - Supply of HVAC Primary and Secondary Filters for the Hibernia and Hebron Platforms 2018-07-23
WS3473922 BIDDERS LIST - Supply of Drilling Fluids and Solids Control Services for MODU Drilling Program 2018-07-13
WS3461968 Bidders List _ Supply of Directional Drilling, Downhole Measurement and Mudlogging Services for MODU Drilling Program 2019 2018-06-29
WS3477083 Supply of Architectural Support Services WS3497616 (formerly WS3477083) 2018-06-26
W3432774 BIDDERS LIST Supply of Offshore Support Vessels 2018-06-21
WS3442919 BIDDERS LIST Wireline Services for MODU 2019 2018-05-28
WS3450747 BIDDERS LIST Provision of engineering services in relation to subsea activities 2018-05-16