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Addenda Details

Gov. of New Brunswick ITT

Tender Number: 8019161-19
Revision #: 2
Entry Date: 2019-02-08
Issue Date: 2019-02-08
Close Date: 2019-02-20
Close Time:

Tender Revision # 2

T - Communications, Photographic, Mapping

Processed by BIDS on Feb/08/2019

***** Amendment # 2 *****

This document has been amended to answer the following vendor questions. All other information remains the same.

Q1. For item 6.3.2 Marketing, are you just looking for a vendor to solely do work with future marketing campaigns? Or can you share what other marketing activities you anticipate you might require?

R1. A major qualifier for a marketing agency vs. a graphic design shop is the ability to develop a complete marketing strategy and tactical plan as opposed to creative/design work for various marketing tactics, but traditional (printed materials, signs, banners, print and radio ads, etc.) and digital (web graphics, television/video products, social media sharables, etc.)

Q2. Regarding item 6.3.5 Website Content/Development - Can you elaborate on the type of website content you're looking for (i.e writing services, SEO, accessibility training, governance review etc.)?

R2. Typically for standing offer projects, our clients within GNB are looking for web content that aligns with a given marketing campaign in terms of tone and messaging. Our main clients want to stress that such developed content should be created to be optimized for search engines. We can't assume that all agencies would craft content with this in mind. Other times, an outside agency is called on to build a promotional microsite and in that scenario, we are looking for content (with SEO in
mind), design/layout, user friendly functionality and training / style guide so we can make future updates in-house with ease.

***** Amendment # 1 *****

This document has been amended to answer the following vendor questions and add sample service agreements as attachments (English and French).

Q1. Whether companies from Outside Canada can apply for this?

R1. Yes.

Q2. Whether we need to come over there for meetings?

R2. There is definitely a requirement that firms who do work for GNB be able to meet in person as required. A lot of back-and-forth is done by electronic means, of course, but there are times when face-to-face meetings and presentations are required by our departmental clients.

Q3. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside Canada?

R3. Please see answer to question 2.

Q4. Can we submit the proposals via email?

R4. No, please refer to section four of the RFP document for proposal delivery instructions.

Q5. As we look to meet a sustainability's mandate each year, I wonder if you are willing to reduce the number of printed copies, only require a USB submission or an online/email submission alone?

R5. Please see section four of the RFP document for the requested number and format of proposal copies.

Q6. Could you let us know how many vendors are to be approved to get on the pre-approved list?

R6. Any proponent that qualifies through the RFP process will be admitted to the pre-qualification list.

Q7. We are travel/tourism focused; specifically targeted Chinese visitors. I couldn't tell from the information provided whether or not such services were under the scope of the tender?

R7. Please refer to section 6.3 of the RFP document for the services being requested.

This is a tender notice only. In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.