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Addenda Details

Gov. of New Brunswick ITT

Tender Number: 36003-19
Revision #: 1
Entry Date: 2019-02-07
Issue Date: 2019-02-07
Close Date: 2019-03-12
Close Time:

Tender Revision # 1

T - Communications, Photographic, Mapping
840 - Clothing

Processed by BIDS on Feb/07/2019

***** Amendment #1 *****
Please note that this tender has been amended to update the invited/notified list.
All other information remains the same.
3. **NOTE: For evaluation purposes vendors bidding brands and product numbers, other than those specified below, are requested to provide a sample for evaluation PRIOR to tender closing. In order to be considered for an award samples must be received no later than 4:30 A.S.T. February 22, 2019. All samples will be evaluated and a list of approved brands and product numbers will be posted as an amendment at least one week prior to closing. ONLY THOSE BRANDS AND PRODUCT NUMBERS SPECIFIED
WILL BE CONSIDERED, do not bid on unapproved substitutes. Sample request does not include applicable logos.

All samples are to be received at the following location:

c/o Jeff Parkinson
Fredericton Regional Centre
Suite 2100
300 St. Mary's Street
Fredericton, NB
E3A 2S4

Please Note: There is no loading dock available at 300 St. Mary's Street. Vendors who are sending samples must ship products in boxes and not on pallets.

When providing sample vendors must ensure that each item includes/states their own product
numbers if they are not the original manufacturer, but they MUST also state clearly, the
original manufacturer and brand, the manufacturer's product number, and package size or
this item will be rejected.

When Samples are requested by the Province, the Samples will remain the Property of the Province of N.B. for a six (6) month period. Vendors must submit their return requests, in writing, stating the method of return that will be charged to their company. After one year all unreturned samples will be disposed of by SNB.

4. A sample with applicable logo may be requested prior to award to ensure it meets the
provinces requirements. Please see the following website for the logo's:

5. Vendors are not required to submit a bid on every item listed below. However the intent
of this tender is to award to only one vendor who is capable of bidding on the majority of
items. This will help increase efficiencies in ordering and deliveries. We reserve the
right to split this award to obtain the lowest aggregate pricing possible.

6. The Province of New Brunswick reserves the right to negotiate pricing, value added and
other savings opportunities with the successful proponent at time of award and throughout
the contract. Acceptance of any price changes or award of the option year is solelythe
discretion of GNB. GNB reserves the right to negotiate lower pricing with vendors in the
option year. GNB may consider price increases in the option year if deemed to be reasonable
and based on market conditions, not to exceed CPI. If a mutually agreed upon price cannot
be reached GNB reserves the right to re-tender, re-award or delete the item(s) in question.

7. The quantities indicated are based on previous year's sales and are approximate. If
government requirements change the projected amounts may vary considerably.

8. Vendors are to pay special attention to the "Unit" of Measure for each item and bid
in the Province's "Unit" of Measure, which may be different from the vendors selling unit.

When stating "Unit Price" on bid submissions, vendors are required to quote pricings no
more than four (4) digit positions after the decimal point. More than 4 digit positions
after the decimal point will be rounded-off to the fourth position.

9. The successful vendor(s) is expected to ship/delivery in the unit of measure indicated
on this tender.

10. Only one unit price per item will be accepted. Alternate pricing per size will not
be accepted and may be considered grounds for disqualification.

11. Vendors should bid directly on the tender form and all shipping and fuel charges MUST
be included in the UNIT PRICE.

12. RETURNS: The successful vendor(s) must carry all cost incurred by the client(s) for the
return of any and all products. The successful vendor(s) shall:
- not charge any restocking fees for goods ordered in error or otherwise returned to the
- establish return authorization and claim processing procedures for the returnof
defective or damaged goods acceptable to the client(s) through e-mail, Internet portal,
- Defective products will be returned to the Supplier to be replaced at no cost, including
freight charges, to the Client(s).
- accept and process all claims within two (2) Business Day of claim submission by Client
for all items reported as damaged, defective, not received or otherwise returned to the
Supplier in the manner in which payment was received; and
- pick-up items returned by the Client and for which a claim has been submitted within five
(5) Business Days of the claim submission.

13. Substitutions will not be delivered without the pre-authorization of Strategic

14. The successful vendor(s) must inform Clients at the time of order placement when
products are on back order and/or out-of-stock.

15. There is a $100 minimum orders quantity for this contract (this would be for one
order, encompassing all items on contract, and not per item). Vendors should also include
any additional charges that may apply to orders that are below the $100 minimum order. This
information will be used in selecting the best overall pricing structure for award.

16. This tender will be awarded based on a combination of tendered price and consideration
of other cost savings incentives, which ever provides the best overall value to the
Province of New Brunswick. Best overall value will be determined at the sole discretion of
GNB and all decisions are final.

17. If due to new product development or acquisition of new brands by the vendor, GNB
reserves the right to accept substitute product of equivalent quality with better unit
pricing during this contract. Any such product must be previously sampled and approved by

18. The Province of New Brunswick reserves the right to add additional items, which fall
within the product category, during the term of the contract if deemed necessary by the

19. DELIVERY: Vendors must be able to delivery to the entire province in order to be
considered for an award. However 90% of all order are to the following locations:
Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Woodstock, Miramichi, Bathurst and Edmundston.

20. REPORTING: The successful Vendor(s) MUST provide, upon written request by SNB, a cumulative (Microsoft Excel) sales report, by individual delivery locations.

The successful vendor(s) will also forward a COMPLETE Sales Report list to Strategic
Procurement, at least 3 months prior to the expiry date of their contract, which will be
used to revise consumption and location information to be released with the Province's next Invitation to Tender.

21. INVOICES: Please Note: The product numbers and brands indicated on the invoice and
packing slip must match the product codes and brands on the purchase order.
- To ensure prompt payment, invoices should be submitted within 30 days of delivery.
- Vendors are encouraged to read the good invoice guide, posted on the GNB Website to
satisfy themselves as to invoicing requirements.
. a) For Government Departments: The successful vendor(s)is required to send their
original invoices for payment directly to NBISA. Vendors are to include their Purchase
Order Number and the individual RPO (release purchase order) Number and the client spending
authority. NBISA will scan theinvoice and submit to the appropriate client for spending
authority. With each delivery the vendor(s) will supply with a PACKING SLIP to allow the
client to check against the order they received and what is being charged for on the
invoice. It is important to note that any invoices sent to the institutions will NOT be
used as a payment document.
. b) For all others (Education, Community Colleges, municipalities, etc.): The successful
vendor(s) are to arrange for invoicing directly with the client(s).

22. QUESTIONS: All inquiries should be received seven (7) calendar days prior to the
closing date; any received less than 7 calendar days cannot be guaranteed a response.
Please reference the tender number and closing date to ensure a prompt, accurate reply.
NOTE: In order to speed up requests, we recommend inquiries be submitted by fax or Email
(Fax:(506) 444-4200, Email:

This is a tender notice only. In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.