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Addenda Details

Eastern Health

Tender Number: 2018- 4545
Revision #: 1
Entry Date: 2019-01-09
Issue Date: 2019-01-09
Close Date: 2019-01-17
Close Time: 1400
Attachments: No

TENDER #2018-4545
High Pressure Steam Boiler Replacement
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, St. John's, NL
This Addendum shall form an integral part of the specification to be read in conjunction
therewith. This
Addendum shall take precedence over all forms of the aforementioned
specification with which it may prove to be at variance or may otherwise be qualified in
writing by authorized personnel.
RE: Request for Alternate
- Microflex Boiler Model Line MFJ Novatherm
- Vapor Circulatic Boiler Model TRF-5907-SHL-100-LN Bruce Sutherland Associates Limited
The acceptability of alternate boilers cannot be determined from the information
provided. The
conformance to the specification cannot be confirmed based on this information. Known issues
anticipated with control integration, spatial interferences, and service connection modification cannot be
as insufficient information was provided. Full submittal package complete with P&IDs,
dimensioned drawings, rated performance, wiring diagrams and boiler package components are required
to confirm acceptance.
One important
aspect of this project is to integrate the one replacement boiler with the other existing
boiler. The tender documents detail the full scope of the project and all aspects of the design, including
integration. All of the
project requirements shall be upheld regardless of boiler manufacturer.
The boiler manufacturer shall be responsible to ensure the substituted product can be customized to meet
all requirements of the specification. Detailed
review of the product will be performed only at the shop
drawing stage. As part of the boiler shop drawing, the boiler manufacturer shall be required to:
1. Submit revised drawing package (mechanical / structural /
electrical) based on the substituted
boiler. These drawings shall be required to be sealed by a professional engineer(s) licensed to
practice in Newfoundland and Labrador.
2. Review the effects of varying boiler connection
locations for the substituted boiler and shall
provide detailed drawings that show the required piping and breeching modifications to suit the
site configuration.
3. Review effects of the electrical requirements for the
substituted boiler and shall provide revised
electrical drawings to suit the new configuration.
4. Submit detailed control panel wiring, boiler sequences and method of integration with the
existing boiler control system.
Provide information on the method of sequencing, BACnet
control points and hardwired alarm points to meet the specification.
5. Confirm that the cost resulting from any and all modifications and documentation noted above
included in the quoted boiler price. The owner shall not be responsible for design or construction
costs associated with modifications to suit the substituted product. All additional design and/or
construction cost
attributed to the substituted boiler shall be back charged to the successful
Upon review at the shop drawing stage the engineer shall reserve the right to reject the substituted boiler
if the product does not
meet specification or necessary documentation is not provided. Regardless of the
result of the shop drawing review the bidding contractor shall be responsible to provide a boiler to meet
the specification provided with the
tender documents.
ISSUED: January 9, 2019