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Addenda Details

Gov. of New Brunswick ITT

Tender Number: 2009013-19
Revision #: 4
Entry Date: 2018-07-10
Issue Date: 2018-07-10
Close Date: 2018-07-20
Close Time:

Tender Revision # 4

R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services

Processed by BIDS on Jul/10/2018

***** Amendment # 4 *****

This document has been amended to extend the closing date to July 20, 2018. As per vendor request below.

Q1. We respectfully request an extension for response to the RFI for provision of Tele-Care-811 Design Planning due July 13, 2018. Please advise as to extension availability.

R1. The closing date has been extended to July 20, 2018. No further extensions to the closing date will be granted.

***** Amendment # 3 *****

This document has been amended to answer the following vendor questions. All other information remains the same.

Q1. In the RFI document it states that electronic submissions can be sent to:
Tyler Sarchfield
Strategic Procurement Division

In the last amendment there was a section related to the same issue it states.

Written questions relating to this opportunity may be submitted to the address provided below via email by clicking on Questions. Please be sure to include the solicitation/tender number in the subject line.
NOTE: This email account is strictly for the receipt of questions on open opportunities. This email is not for the submission of bids.

R1. Please send electronic submissions to Disregard "NOTE: This email account is strictly for the receipt of questions on open opportunities. This email is not for the submission of bids.", as this would only be the case for tender documents where a contract would be anticipated to be awarded.

***** Amendment # 2 *****

This document has been amended to answer the following vendor questions. All other information remains the same.

Question 1
Can GNB provide details on its existing Technology environment? Specifically:

a. What software program(s) are being utilized to operate the 811 service at this time (operational software and telephone technology)?

Answer: Tele-Care 811 services are contracted out to a 3rd party vendor. The vendor uses Clinical Decision Support Software that provides the necessary tools to triage symptom-based calls, provide health information and education, service referrals and help manage chronic diseases or other such functions to support Tele-Care staff to provide healthcare services to callers to the Tele-Care service. They enable the user to collect data and archive the information related to each caller. They
contain clinical guidelines, general health information and community services information that is current and relevant to New Brunswick.

b. When were these software program(s) initiated?
Answer: In place since the start of the current contract in 2013

c. Does GNB currently have or utilize any chat, email, web services or online tools in the operation of daily 811 services?
Answer: No

Question 2
GNB asked for approaches related to "integrating with other provincial services and programs" and provided a list of Programs and Services in Appendix B.

a. Can GNB elaborate on who operates the current program and services listed?
Answer: All current Tele-care 811 services are provided by Sykes Assistance Services Corporation

b. Does the third party vendor (referenced in the RFI) operate the Customer Service Programs, Emergencies and Events, Services that are Supported?
Answer: Yes, all services listed in Appendix B are provided by the current party

Question 3
GNB references an existing 3rd party vendor in the RFI - can GNB provide further details on the existing agreement?

a. Who is the vendor?
Answer: As per 2a

b. How long is the term?
Answer: The initial term was 5 years. The contract has been extended for an additional option year.

c. What is the value of the arrangement? Not relevant for the current RFI

d. Should GNB tender technology elements, would it be anticipated that a winner vendor would be bound to working with the 3rd party vendor who provides the existing service elements?
Answer: GNB is looking for a vendor who can provide the current services as outlined in Appendix B (currently provided by telephone) in addition to the technology and e-health elements outlined in the RFI, subcontracting could be a viable option for parts of the service agreement.

***** Amendment # 1 *****

This document has been amended to answer a vendor question. All other information remains the same.

Q1. Is DOH seeking a solution which includes the agents or is it seeking direction respecting how technology can be used to achieve its business objectives?

R1. We would be looking for both.

This is a tender notice only. In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.

Closing Date change from Jul/13/2018 at 1330
to Jul/20/2018 at 1330 Atlantic Time