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Addenda Details

Gov. of New Brunswick ITT

Tender Number: 0619043-19
Revision #: 2
Entry Date: 2018-07-10
Issue Date: 2018-07-10
Close Date: 2018-07-20
Close Time:

Tender Revision # 2

K - Custodial Operations and Related Services

Processed by BIDS on Jul/10/2018

***** Amendment #2 *****
Please note that this tender has been amended to no longer accept electronic or faxed bid submissions. Vendors must submit their bids via mail due to the $5,000.00 bid security deposit requirement on this tender.

The closing date has been extended until Friday, July 20th, 2018.

All other information remains the same.
***** Amendment #1 *****
Please note that this tender has been amended to answer a bid question:

Q1. I have a question for the gross total amount. It was determined today at the site visit that "Item 2 Biohazard" will be an hourly rate, therefore is the "Gross Total" amount and "Total (including all charges)" only for Item 1 Janitorial Services?

Also does the "Total (Including all charges)" include the "Unit Price Including Discount" and the "Extended Price"? I want to be certain on how I report the pricing.

A1. This is a "No Total's Required" tender. For Item 1, please fill in your unit pricing for the building (per year) then extend your pricing for the two year duration of the contract. For Item 1.1 (Biohazard Cleanup) please provide your hourly rate for informational purposes only. This biohazard cleanup pricing will not be evaluated or revealed during tender opening. Only Item 1 pricing will be evaluated.

The quantity for Item 1.1 has been changed to "Hour(s)".

All other information remains the same.

Closing Date change from Jul/10/2018 at 1330
to Jul/20/2018 at 1330 Atlantic Time