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Addenda Details

Gov. of New Brunswick ITT

Tender Number: 0349030-20
Revision #: 4
Entry Date: 2018-10-09
Issue Date: 2018-10-09
Close Date: 2018-10-17
Close Time:

Tender Revision # 4

190 - Ships, Small Crafts

Processed by BIDS on Oct/09/2018

*****AMENDMENT No. 4*****

Following is the clarifications from meeting on site on October 1, 2018.

- Spec item 2.6.1 - we clarified that this is just the covers and not the hatch frames.

- Spec item - Ceiling finish - we clarified that this is just the ceiling panels in the wheelhouse.

- Spec item - Drains - it was noted that this item was cancelled.

- Spec item - Bullwheel compartment - we discussed that it was desired to sandblast so that the SP10 can be achieved.

- Spec item 4.2 - bullwheels - we confirmed with Mark that the replacement wheel and bearings will be direct replacements.

- Spec item 4.6.1 - sewage tank level indicator - Mark noted that it was only required to calibrate the sensor.

- Spec item 4.7.1 - Auxiliary generator - it was noted that DTI would be supplying a transfer switch that the new generator and the existing generator would have to be wired to. Any additional details on this switch would be useful.

- Spec item 4.7.2 - Fuel System - it was clarified that the contractor is to supply the gear pump noted.

- Spec item 5.2 - Jogstick - it was clarified that the electrical cable had to be run to the engine room and that DTI would be supplying the electronic item that it will be connected to in the engine room as well. Any additional details on cable required would be useful.

***** AMENDMENT NO. 3 *****

See attached ADDENDUM #2.

All other information remains the same.

***** AMENDMENT NO. 2 *****

A Bidders Conference will be held on location at the Belleisle Bay Ferry Crossing in Earle Wharf, NB, on October 1st, 2018 at 13:00 local time. Appropriate Owner's Representative will be present at the Bidders Conference to respond to Bidders' questions and concerns. All questions, concerns, or enquiries regarding the refit, before or after the Bidders' Conference, shall be submitted in writing to the contact person for this Tender."

***** AMENDMENT NO. 1 *****

The DRAWINGS are now attached to this tender

All other information remains the same.

*** FERRY REFIT (F85 Kenebecasis Cable Ferry) ***