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About BIDS

BIDS™ is an electronic publisher that distributes tenders and tender information to subscribers on behalf of public and corporate buyers. 
BIDS is a privately owned company with its head office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The corporate name is Tendering Publications Ltd. (TPL).
BIDS was founded in the 1970’s as a twice-weekly magazine listing all tenders issued by the Province of New Brunswick.  In the mid 90’s, BIDS moved to electronic publishing, offering tenders and tender information via email and the website.
In 1996, the company expanded its operations to other jurisdictions by licensing independently owned and operated businesses to use the BIDS systems.  These franchises service local buyers and subscribers.  Currently there are two offices – BIDS Newfoundland and BIDS New Brunswick (operated by Tendering Publications Ltd.).
BIDS will always bring its customers a variety of business opportunities from a broad spectrum of buyers, and new bidding opportunities become available on a daily basis.

"I find the service via e-mail, fast, up to date, efficient, and reliable with the information and opportunities to quote on new and existing business. Hard to imagine how I operated without it" - Bob Carruthers, Ultramar Canada Ltd